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      About Us

      I am Jeff Evans, and I am a Vancouver based mortgage broker with A Better Way – Mortgage Architects. I have been providing top mortgage services to home buyers and home owners since 2007.

      We love mortgage brokering and we were excited to learn how we could help people get approved to own their dream homes.

      For people who have been looking for Mortgage broker in BC, visit our website.  We have been into this business for a long time and have served many happy clients. We are known to provide the best service when it comes to mortgage brokers in Vancouver or anywhere in nada. Thousands of people contact us and we try to resolve their issues and provide them with effective solutions as per their requirements. Having known to be the Mortgage broker in BC, which has well experienced staff available almost 24/7 to help you with mortgaged properties. We also help in providing extra knowledge about mortgages so that it n help you better plan your personal finances.

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      Google Reviews

        5 star review  He is an amazing personality with all sort of knowledge. You ask him a question and he'll respond with genuine reply and will also provide you with various options. Along with above quality I'll say punctual, responsive ,professional and above all understands your requirements. He will form a team with you with same goal and will leave no stone unturned to reach the goal. To conclude I'll say he is one stop solution for mortgage and Real estate need..

        thumb ruchi sharma

        5 star review  Terrific service. Jeff really worked to understand my mortgage needs and get the right type of financing in place. Would absolutely recommend Jeff to my friends and family and will use him again in the future for some planned construction financing.

        thumb Brian Grainger

        5 star review  Jeff help me with refinancing my mortgage and get the best mortgage rate. He is very knowledgeable about the different mortgage available from different banks. He answered all my questions and clarify information that needs to be clarified. Thank you Jeff for your service.

        thumb marilou puddester

      Mortgage Lenders
      in Vancouver BC, nada

      The Vancouver mortgage and real estate market is ever changing. Anyone who wishes to own a home here someday needs to keep up with such changes. As a professional nadian mortgage broker we know how to stay abreast of these changes with market research and keep our clients updated. It is our goal to provide every client with their dream home with best possible terms and conditions. Whatever be the cost, wherever be the lotion we will help you avail the deal and get best financial assistance. We have a comprehensive network of private lenders and mortgage lenders in Vancouver BC, and we n provide you with best service.

      Vancouver is a coastal city in British Columbia (BC) and the eighth largest nadian municipality. Its prime lotion makes it one of the hottest lotions for settling down. We are here to help to transform this dream into reality. Feel free to browse through our site where you will find all needed tools and information regarding this market. If you have any other queries, please refer to our contact details.

      Our Blog

      Good news on mortgage insurance changes

      Recently I wrote a blog post regarding an announced change to CMHC’s mortgage qualifition guidelines that were potentially damaging to the real […]

      Jeff Evans
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      New CMHC mortgage rule changes impact non-wealthy borrowers

      CMHC has announced new mortgage rule changes that will come into effect on July 1.??Here are the changes: They are discontinuing the […]

      Jeff Evans
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      CBC: Chartered bank charges $30,000 mortgage penalty to woman forced to sell home due to pandemic

      I was reading through the news yesterday when I me across this article about mortgage penalties that chartered banks are charging their […]

      Jeff Evans
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      Download the must-read
      eBook by Jeff Evans

      Obstacles to Buying a Home and How to Overcome Them

      You will not be properly prepared to buy a home until you read it!

        Find all Vancouver Real Estate Listings and choose your Dream House

        Jeff Evans

        Mortgage Broker

        1100-1200 W. 73rd Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6P 6G5

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